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Documentation and Drafting services

In Buildink Design we assist architects, building designers, builders and developers to prepare projects and construction documentation, from plans to details and specifications.

We also know how important to visualise your ideas is through 3D photo realistic renders and walkthroughs. Here you are some samples of what we can do to help you throughout your projects.

Our services include, but not limited:


We deliver architectural Digital drafting services for the different phases of projects, including tender, planning, construction, landscaping and facilities for commercial, retail and residential projects. Sketch plan conversion.

Conceptual Visualization

Photorealistic images & Walkthrough

From 2D layout plans and elevations from PDF, sketches or digital plans we create building models using Autodesk Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and 3D MAX for architects, consulting engineers, structural engineers, main contractors and subcontractors.

We create conceptual images and photorealistic architectural perspectives for small to very large architectural rendering projects in commercial, residential, hospitality, educational and industrial sectors.

Services details and packages

In BuildINK Design we work with BIM, because the Building Information Modelling is progressively becoming vital for the design and construction industry. One of the key differences between BIM modelling and traditional software is that the objects created within BIM models use real elements for the models creation, therefore these models are much closer to reality. BIM not only does deliver a digital representation of a building project, it also makes much easier the interaction between different stakeholders such as designer, engineers, builders, installers and others.

BIM Models


Site plans
Construction details 
 **Plus one 3D Rendering 

*Includes all basic drawings to get a planning permit

Overshadowing Diagram
Stormwater Drainage Plan
Electrical Schematic

Building Design Services

Site plans
Proposal Plans - Plans
Proposal Plans - Elevations 
Construction details 
**Plus 3D Rendering


Overshadowing Diagram


Stormwater Drainage Plan


Electrical Schematic

Design process:
First meeting free of cost, to discuss requirement and scope 
Quotation and timeframe  
Site visit and measure 
Design brief based on client needs and expectations
Establish design criteria
Design proposal


Final set of digital drawing usually in a PDF format ready to be printed for planning permit

3D Modelling & Visualization


3D models from drawings (if not supplied)


-3D images no materials

-3D images with materials

-Photorealistic Images


3D models from drawings (if not supplied)



The Process:

First meeting free of cost, to discuss requirement and scope 

Build the model (if required)

Set up the views or cameras 
Rendering  of images or videos
Delivery of digital files usually in JPG, PNG, MP4 or any other common digital format 

Drafting Process:

First meeting free of cost, to discuss requirement and scope

Sketch conversion to drawings

Delivery of digital set of drawing usually in a PDF format ready to be printed 

*Client is in charge of fulfil planning criteria, Buildink Design will  assist if needed


** Our services of drafting and building design include a 3D Rendered Image as a PLUS

Developments: land sub-division, design & development application If required


Building Permit: Plans and documentation for Building Permit Application. And liaising with engineers and other consultants on behalf of our clients if required.

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