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Outdoor & Indoor Living
  • Conceptual design and sketching 

  • Local Council planning & building permit submissions 

  • Home additions, upgrading and renovations 

  • Project and construction documentation 

  • 3D photo realistic renders & walkthroughs 

  • Architectural visual presentations  

  • Site and project feasibility

  • Tendering to get the right builder for you 

  • Contract administration 

  • Site inspections & liaise with stakeholders

design for you and with you

Visualise your Ideas

Find what is right for you 

In Buildink Design we deliver contemporary, innovative, outstanding and sustainable designs. We work with our clients closely, understanding that they are unique, their needs and desires. We design for you and with you, from the sketch-conceptual proposal stage to the project and the construction documentation. We also liaise with local authorities and builders.


We honour our commitment to be here for you in every step.   

In Buildink Design we like to assist architects, building designers, builders and developers to prepare projects and construction documentation, from plans to details and specifications.


We also know how important to visualise your ideas is through 3D photo realistic renders and walkthroughs. 

In Buildink Design we understand how difficult start a new project is. That is why we are prepared to help you from the beginning to final completion. We research about your site to ascertain its potential and feasibility. We liaise with interior designers, surveyors, engineers and consultants. Have you finished your project and need to build it? We can find the right builder for it, through a tendering process and a contract administration. 

New indoor and outdoor living experience

In Buildink Design we believe outdoor and indoor living areas should be integrated. We like to use architectural elements to allow your indoor living to expand and blend with your outdoor living spaces. 

Your outdoor living areas are more than a complement of your home. They are key to make it sustainable and flexible. We are here to give you the possibility to use  sunlights, rain and winds to create a new indoor and outdoor living experience for you and your family.  

Building Design, Project Management and Documentation

"We build it with INK first"

In Building we not just draw we actually use BIM modeling (Building Information Modeling) and what is it?  “A BIM is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a building. As such it serves as a shared knowledge resource for information about a building forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle from inception onward.” - BuildingSMART


Some of the advantages of using BIM are:


  • A 3D digital model is the start point of all documentation;
  • Total accuracy between plans, elevations, and façades;
  • Minimal risk of defects and rectification;
  • A significant reduction of issues during construction;
  • The use of real elements when building the model;
  • Share the model with other stakeholders such as engineers;
  • Documentation of interiors, fixtures, and joiner;
  • And different BIM analytics as overshadowing, energy rating and so on.
bim diagram 2